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Short-Term Work Option

The Special Pass work authorization is granted to all categories of workers and is issued for an initial period of between 1-3 months. It is generally granted for incremental periods of one month or more, and extensions are available for a maximum incremental period of six months within a year. The main criteria are: intended length of stay of up to six months, and the nature of contract or activity. In very exceptional circumstances, the authorities would allow special passes beyond six months. It is ideal for short term assignments and in cases where the employer would wish to engage the services of an expatriate as the long work permit is being processed.

Long-Term Work Option(6months +)

The Class D Work Permit is granted to any skilled and experienced category of professional or technical worker and permits work for up to two years, but is also issued for one year if so required by the applicant organization. Renewals are available on application. Where the expatriate is accompanied by his family, they are issued with a dependant pass or student pass for children attending school in Kenya. The dependant passes are processed after the main work permit is issued and remain valid as long as the work permit is valid. Holders of dependant passes are further required to acquire a re-entry pass to allow them multiple entries into Kenya without a visa.

Kenyan Citizen Application

Perhaps you came to Kenya to work or do business and fell in love with the country. Or perhaps you are married to a Kenyan and want to make Kenya home. Whatever it is, Dira Immigration Consultants will help you with the process right up until you acquire the citizenship.

Local Agents for Global Clients

We assist international companies process documents for their staff who may be on tours of duty to Kenya. We are reliable local partners who ensure that these entities do not fret over the immigration bureaucracy in Kenya. We take care of that.

Permanent Residence Application

If you want a permanent resident passport to help you stay in the country long term without necessarily becoming a citizen, then Dira Immigration Consultants is your perfect service provider. We will efficiently process your application freeing you to do your core business

Work Permit Cancellation

We also help with the cancellation of work permits, if the client wants it done for whatever reason.

Immigration Audit of Firms

We help organizations comply and stay in compliance with immigration laws. We audit their staff to ensure all foreign employees are eligible and have valid work permits. We assist the non-compliant employees process their documentation.

Multiple Journey Visa

A multiple journey visa is issued to persons who by nature of their business need to make frequent visits to Kenya. Dira immigration Consultants help you process this visa to help you conduct your business in Kenya easily.

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All Matters Kenya Immigration

We handle all matters immigration with extreme efficiency and reliability

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  • Multiple Journey Visa
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